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The Web Vault

In this age of responsive-design monstrosities and continuous scrolling browser-crashers, there remains — along the forgotten byways of This Here Internet — a cadre of old school web sites that stay true to the web’s earliest days. Tables, borders, hyperlinks, and good old-fashioned information, these sites are lightning fast and content-rich, driven by pure passion and singular vision. Here in the Web Vault, I’m pointing to those that I come across in my wanderings. If you find more great examples, let me know. - Ted

boarding axes.JPG

Boarding Axes

“From the Age of Sail.”

astros daily.JPG

Astros Daily

“A fansite for the Houston Astros.”


Russell and Susan Eisen’s Floaties

“An intro to Susan and Russell's floaty collection.“

The Threepenny Review

the pencil pages.JPG

The Pencil Pages

“An Introduction to Pencils and Pencil Collecting”